An Ecofriendly Childhood and Summer Vacations, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message for the month - May 2022

What is the most evident childhood memory that everyone can relate Friends? Exams?!! It is undoubtedly our annual vacation...summer holidays!

It used to be somewhere between mid April to June first week for most of us. Those undoubtedly were the most awaited days of the year which were planned more religiously than exam preparations. While holidays for some meant visiting their native, some had vacations pre planned while some just planned to activate a "chill zone" sitting at home.

Summers used to be special and unique for multiple reasons. The scorching heat demanded uninterrupted supply of ice creams and fruit juices more so which could be enjoyed in a free (away from exam) mindset. There used to be ample time to catch up with friends and watch TV along with video games (clearly fancy kids got this). Eat>>play>>sleep>>repeat was the mantra that all of us lived by.

How good would it be if we get our vacations back? Would'nt it be immense fun to relive those times? Where do we get a chance to live by the routine we followed back then? We @reCharkha give you this milestone opportunity to revisit your childhood and help modern day kids know the good old times we once lived. You can nurture and pamper your inner-child as well!

We have multiple range of products that shall guarantee that you'll have ample options to make this time worth remembering, making sure that your summer vacations are sorted! We have with you our unique option in the games section- the memory game which shall make summer afternoons entertaining and thought provoking too. The game shall not just bring the entire family together but shall also be instrumental in reducing your and your child's screen time. To add to it we have our duffle bags, mini bag packs and slings which can be carried anywhere and everywhere on small and long trips acting as your permanent summer companions.

Vacations were indeed special no matter what age group we belong to. One of the best times that all of us have lived, it shall never really come back how much ever we wish it does. What we can cherish are the memories that we still recall, laugh and cry about. Let us through reCharkha build an eco-social and sustainable childhood for the generations to come making the younger lot more happy, responsible and aware about what they owe to the environment. As they say- Catch them young!☺️

                                                  ~By Prajakta Agashe

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