A Sustainable International Women's Day, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message for the month - Mar 2022

The month of March is indeed special. One, since the financial year ends and we can sit back and take a call on the progress made so far and other since we celebrate the International Women's day this month.

A lot has already been written about Womanhood, issues and challenges faced by Women, success stories of Women who battled against all odds setting correct examples, the list can go on. As the day is viewed pretty optimistically by most of us, there could be some who actually raise questions on Women and on such celebration in general.

One of the most popular questions that I've heard one ask is What exactly makes Women happy? Flowers, expensive gifts, perfumes, fancy clothes, pricy jewellery – Is that all?! Being a Woman and having seen many around, I shall take some effort to address this. Nothing of the list above can make Woman happy. Women crave for long-term happiness, security and self respect. While sustainable happiness is totally unattainable through such gifts that can either fade away, wither or become outdated, none of these can make a Women feel secure or at peace.

What Women really appreciate could be any simple act that can make their life simpler than before. Any such act that can make them smile. It could be a simple appreciation, it could be showing genuine concern, it could be being a little more considerate towards them, it also could be a simple act of refraining from cracking a sexist joke. It need not always be anything expensive and extravagant just for a day or this day in particular. It could be such acts of kindness which Women expect from men and fellow Women as well!

What are we waiting for? Let's look forward to making life easy, interesting and colorful for the gorgeous ladies around us by gifting them something simple yet elegant and not to forget sustainable such that shall bring a smile on their face. If you're looking to gift your special lady something colorful and vibrant this year them we @reCharkha are here to help you! We have some wonderful range of options for your special ones such that can not just make their life easy but shall even ensure that they contribute to the EcoSocial community by being a part of this. From formal laptop bags to fancy tote bags to home décor, we have it all at one click.

On this International Women's day, let us pledge to support Women and stand by them! Through reCharkha we have always aimed at doing something worthwhile for the society building a sustainable environment around us. We are proud to call us as an initiative "by the Women and for the Women" and are totally thankful to all the women who engage with us in every small and big role. Let us celebrate womanhood this year by taking a small step towards being eco social and give the women and the "Mother Earth" what they truly deserve!☺️

                                                         By Prajakta Agashe

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