reCharkha - Our EcoSocial Tribe

Amita Deshpande


Founder & Director

Amita has worked extensively in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility since the past 14 years. An IT Engineer by basic education, she went on to do her Masters at Purdue University, USA with a focus on Sustainability. She worked with CSR teams of multinational corporations, consultancies, non-profits, and community-based organizations in the United States and India and eventually founded Aarohana EcoSocial Developments with the rich experience she has gathered. After leading Aarohana for 7 years, she went on to found reCharkha. With her EcoSocial vision and boundless energy, Amita designs our EcoSocial projects, heads our communication and awareness generation efforts, and looks after overall management of reCharkha and My EcoSocial Planet. Amita’s long-standing dream is to develop a sustainable village and live in it herself, which she wishes to fulfill through reCharkha and My EcoSocial Planet.
Naresh Khawale



Abhishek comes with 8 years experience in Manufacturing operations. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Lean Operations Management, from Detroit, USA. He has worked in a variety of industries from foundry, forging and automobile. His strong experience in machining will help us enhance our traditional equipment and techniques of upcycling. In addition, he brings in new methods and systems to streamline our production processes. Abhishek has also worked in the field of Nutrition and Fitness, hence brings in a different expertise required for our rural community initiatives, which is a part of our non-profit entity "My EcoSocial Planet". We are thrilled to have him onboard and look forward towards our journey ahead.
Ashwini Joshi


Business Development Manager

Ashwini our Business Development Manager has been a huge support and strength for reCharkha. A ’97 batch- Post Graduate in Computer Science, she worked extensively in the field in both India and the U.S. before moving back to India and starting her own business for primary and pre-primary school products. She also, being a strong advocate for sustainable living and keeping the environment clean, started teaching the technique of waste segregation through awareness sessions and cleaning drives to the residents of the apartment complexes around her. “Today after 5 years, I see all my neighbors segregating waste at source and this gives me contentment” says Ashwini. Realizing that working towards a healthier environment is her true passion, she joined reCharkha. In the coming months, as we plan to expand our tribe, she will set base in Netherlands as our head representative in Europe.


Operations Head

Naresh is an Army Veteran and has recently joined reCharkha. He has served extensively for 26 years in Army’s Logistic Department. During his military career, he was close to nature in the mountainous terrain of Sikkim; Kashmir and he strongly believes that if we protect nature, nature will protect us. He is highly motivated by the steps undertaken by reCharkha towards conserving the environment and sustainable developments. Therefore he wants to be a part of the journey and choose reCharkha as his second career. At reCharkha he manages the day to day functions related to operations, administration and finance.


Production Manager

Pournima is our Production Head. “After joining reCharkha I realized we’re working for a noble cause and I’m glad to be a part of this small contribution to the environment.” says Pournima.



After having worked for Crisil and Accenture, Sayli was looking for a break from the monotonous routine. She tried stitching clothes, open a boutique. But the idea of this work did not convince her much. She got to know about reCharkha and started getting involved with organization’s activities. Before joining reCharkha fulltime, she volunteered for our various events in Mumbai. “I find the concept of reCharkha very interesting” says our ever enthusiastic Sayli.


Office Assistant

Aniket a resident of Pune, dropped out of school after 10th std due to health issues. He then worked for Pune Metro but was left unemployed after the contract ended. With reCharkha now, he relishes his office life now as he assists the tailors in their work. He aspires to become a graphic designer in the future. He's always been closely associated with the eco-social cause.He goes to the Singhad Fort, 35 km southwest of the city of Pune as part of cleaning drive every weekend!
Manisha Vaidya


Office Assistant

20-year old Vrushali, who completed her education till 12th grade and aspires to continue her education in B.Com. But since her family needed some financial support, she joined reCharkha. She stays with her parents and 2 siblings in Pune. “I was in shock”, says Vrushali when she heard for the first time about reCharkha and how it makes beautiful products from waste plastic. She feels happy to continue her education and also be working with us in her free time. Here She mainly involves helping tailors at their work and quality check of the finished products.



Aalam who hails from Bihar has studied till 8th std. He was previously working in Hyderabad with a private tailor and learned to stitch. He has more than 5 years of experience in bag stitching and is very good at his skills. At reCharkha he is one among our tailors who makes our designed products to come alive. Now he lives in Pune with his joint family.
Mumtaz Shaikh



Imran, is our new tailor who has an experience of 14 years in the bag making industry. He lives with his wife and a cute 2year old daughter in Pune. He loves to play cricket and travel with his family. Initially, he thought it will be difficult to work as the fabric is different than what he was used to ie. the cloth. Now, he is loving the work because it's different. He said, "Mujhe bohot acha lag raha hai, kuch hatke kaam hai aur paryavaran ko bhi bacha raha hun" (I am liking the work, it's different than usual and I am protecting the environment with my work).



Mohammad is our upcycled-handwoven products manufacturing artisan.In the 2020 lockdown he lost his job at a bag manufacturing company, where he had been working for the last 15 years. Working with reCharkha makes him and his family delighted as he’s working for a cause and also supporting them financially.
Vandana Vartha



Vandana is a tribal youth, belonging to the Warli tribe of Western India. Due to the low educational standards of the local school, she dropped out of school after 9th grade. Being the eldest girl of her family, she started helping her mother with housework and stayed mostly at home in her village, with limited exposure to the outside world. When reCharkha came to her village with an opportunity to work, she immediately joined us. She joined as an assistant artisan and soon picked up weaving as well. She now does other processing work as well as weaves fabric. Despite her petite structure, she is a strong young woman and doesn’t get tired with an all day’s work. She is always cheerful and given a chance, loves to design her own patterns in the fabric.
Kiran Baddha



Kiran is a tribal youth, belonging to the Warli tribe of Western India. Due to the low educational standards of the local school, he dropped out of school after 9th grade. His 8 member-family is mostly dependent on rainfed agriculture, hence, being the eldest son, had to start earning to support the family income. Lack of employment options in his village, Kiran had to move his base to a nearby town in search of work, where he worked as a migrant laborer. When reCharkha came to his village with an opportunity to work, he immediately joined us and is now our lead weaver. While working with us, Kiran also gave his 10th and 11th grade exams. He is a bright and funny young man, who loves to crack jokes on his teammates. With him around, everyone laughs and has fun, while working equally hard for their living!



Jitesh belongs to the Warli tribe and is mute and deaf by birth. Due to lack of special schools in the village, he remained illiterate, and hence never got a steady job. As he grew older, he started working as daily wage labor at construction sites in nearby towns. These jobs were never stable and sufficient to take care of his mute and deaf wife and two little daughters. He found reCharkha's work in his own village and was delighted to start working with us! He is very focused and rarely gets distracted from his work!



Sumitra is a Warli tribal, like all of her coworkers. She is a mother of four and lives with her eight-member family. Her family is engaged in rain fed agriculture and daily wage labor, which are both unreliable sources of consistent income. Hence, she is very proud to earn for her family and send all her four children to school. She works very hard and has learned the art of weaving quite quick to become one of our lead weavers in just 4 months.



Renuka is a Warli tribal living with her family of 5. Her father works in a nearby town to earn an income for their family, while her brothers are still studying. Renuka studied until 12th grade and now works with us to support her family’s income. She wants to pursue her further education, in parallel to working with us!



Suhana is a Warli tribal, living with her parents and two other siblings. Suhana has completed her education till 12th grade and now works with us to support her family income. Suhana is a smart girl, who has a very good eye for design. She has mastered the art of weaving very quickly and also supports office administration work on behalf of her team.



Kokila stays with her grandparents and her two children. She studied until 9th Std, and had been married at a young age. She looks after her family as well works with us to support them. A bit shy kind of person and does not talk much among the team. Joined reCharkha in April 2019 and has been involved in cutting and the weaving of plastic.



Kalpana has studied till the 8th Std and left school due to illness. Thus, was not able to go back to the school to study more. Kalpana stays with her parents and husband who works at the factory. Her motto is “better to get involved in any work instead of sitting ideal at home” and that was her reason to join reCharkha. Joined in the month of April 2019, Kalpana is involved in the cutting of plastic and is slowly trying to learn the art of weaving too.



Savita is a Warli tribal and is a mother of two smart children, one of them being our oldest employees Vandana. With children grown up now, Savita realized that she can start working to engage her time and hone her skills by learning our art of upcycling. She is very sincere and hardworking, and has already won the hearts of all other women in the team quickly!



Lalita stays with her joint family of 11 members, comes from a tribal family. Her father is a farmer and her mother helps in the fieldwork. Lalita has done her education till 8th Std. Being a newcomer to our team; she has been into cutting of plastic waste. She feels happy to work with reCharkha as the workplace is near to where she stays and does not have to go to other cities looking for a job.



Kapila recently completed her 12th grade and joined our team for upcycling plastic waste. She is a bright girl and has been able to pick up the craft very quickly. She has two younger siblings, who are still in school. Her father works on daily wages in a nearby town and her mother works as a sweeper at the village school. Kapila is proud that, now, she will be able to contribute to her family income.