Who Are We?

reCharkha EcoSocial is an endeavor born out of an urge to change the face of our priceless natural surroundings, society, culture and heritage for the better.
reCharkha EcoSocial is a Social Enterprise, founded on the belief that, development can only be sustainable if it is bottom-up! This means, sustainable development is possible only when it begins at the grassroots and involves an empathetic understanding of the other biotic and abiotic communities.
Our three core areas of work are geared to achieve this very model!
These are:
1) Conserving our Environment and Heritage,
2) Enabling Rural Livelihoods and
3) Creating Conscious Consumers

Our Vision and Mission

We believe in a broad and long term vision of

"Rising towards EcoSocial Development"

and our more immediate mission is

"UPCYCLING waste to Conserve the environment, Enable rural livelihoods and Create aware citizens of this planet!"

What We Do

Our present focus is resolving the issue of Waste Management, especially that of the non-biodegradable and difficult-to-recycle Waste Plastic. In addition, our initiative employs Tribal Women and Youth, to enable craft-based livelihood opportunities for them.
Our initiative of UPCYCLING waste plastic into beautiful handcrafted fabric, uses the Indian traditional CHARKHA and HANDLOOM, thus keeping the process entirely manual. The fabric is used to make consumer products such as handbags, fashion accessories, office utilities and home decor products.
Do watch our UPCYCLING process HERE.

Why we do, What we do?

In the vicinity of some of our favorite getaways lies an ever-growing heap of dumped plastic waste owing to the rampant industrialization and commercialization. Even if cleaned, waste from this dump gets carried away to mounting landfills, where it is burnt to pollute the air. If left to itself, wind or water carries them 'away' to nearby water streams, then into the rivers and finally in the oceans of our world; in the process harming so many of our co-inhabitants!
Also, as most people flock to urbanized regions to make the best of the economic boom in urban employment, the ridge between the rural society and the industrialized urban India keeps increasing.

Our attempt is to bring about EcoSocial Development to transform this deteriorating condition of our environment and society!