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So proud of the work you do. I have told my friends in Texas to check it out next time they are in india and have shared your Instagram handle

By Sonia Divekar, Texas, USA for

Amazing Sling Bag, my companion wherever I go!

By Dhara Doshi, Maldives for

Awesome upcycled products from waste plastic covers. They not only bring awareness about how to reduce plastics, but also give full time employment to workers who weave these plastics into bags in the traditional way. We can support by buying their products and sending them our cleaned and dried plastic covers.

By Shivani for

I'm in love with this bag. It styles so well and looks amazing.

By Suvi Jain for

As an artiste and aesthete, my curiosity was aroused when I chanced upon a video about Recharkha EcoSocial and their upcycling efforts. A visit to their shop cum office and interaction with its founder Amita Deshpande assured me of their innovative approach and sincere efforts in creating beautiful products from used plastic waste. I saw various manifestations of handwoven upcycled plastic and picked up several bags for my sister, nieces and a gym bag for myself. It was the perfect size that I was looking for, with a well thought clean design that blended utility and aesthetics.

By Pushkar Lele for

Beautiful looking products and upcycled products! Makes one feel good for doing your little bit for environment!

By Aarti Thacker for  

I received this lovely bag from my dear Akka for which she explained the whole process to me and the fam. I was awestruck by their motive and the effort behind this entire idea. Much appreciated. It has been my go to go bag for my travel as it is very handy, soft and I could fit a whole world inside just like Mary Poppins:)

By Nadhini for

I love their creative and responsible initiative and also the look,design and quality of their products. I buy for gifting and personal use..and those who receive the gifts love them too.I absolutely admire the colour and shine of these bags..that I recently bought the key hook inside, is also so useful and thoughtful.I am proud that I am a loyal customer of Recharkha & can shop something that is unique, user-friendly,eco-friendly and contributing to the society.

By Ami for

Sometime in July I contacted reCharkha asking if they would customize a product for me. And they said yes. This bag arrived a few days ago. Yes, it took a while but it is so worth it. This bag is sturdy just as I wanted - I will use it to carry food for the community dogs I feed - is sustainable - it is made from recycled plastic - enabled 2 to 3 days of livelihood. Please do switch to sustainable products to help protect our planet so we can pass on a clean & green planet to our children. Thank you reCharkha! A special thank you to Sayli for her hardwork in ensuring this product turned out just right!

By Seema Mohancharan for

Hi Amita. This is Heena here from Bangalore I was in a need of a sling bag. I was on lookout for it on various Ecommerce sites but for some reason I was not liking them. On one fine day I was just scrolling through Facebook and I came across Anuj's video on upcycling of plastic into bags. I watched the video. I immediately headed to Instagram to check out the patterns & colours of the bags. I couldn't resist for a moment . I went a head, selected the sling bag and placed the order. I have finally received . I'm soooooo satisfied with the product Amita. It's soo spacious. And it was packed so well. I'm sooo overwhelmed Amita. I'm short of words to express how proud I feel to carry this bag which is upcycled from plastic.

Heena for