Sustainable Living Workshops

Our Upcoming Monthly Workshops:


reCharkha Mumbai and Pune Store: TBD

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reCharkha Team now conducts a Sustainable Living Workshops at our Mumbai store and Pune Store Locations.

Topics Covered: 
1. Acknowledge and understand our roles in our ecosystem.
2. Learn to segregate our waste
3. Composting in compact Urban Homes
4. Make eco friendly, home-cleaning products. 
5. Learn about simple yet efficient ways one can adopt, to make a huge difference towards our environment.

Past Workshops conducted:

Feb 17th 2024 - Mumbai
Oct 21st 2023 - Mumbai
Aug 19th 2023 - Mumbai
June 24th 2023 - Mumbai
May 20th 2023 -Mumbai
Mar 14th 2023 - Pune
Nov 25th 2022 - Mumbai
May 20th 2023 - Mumbai
June 24th 2023 - Mumbai