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My EcoSocial Planet

“My EcoSocial Planet” Foundation is a Social Enterprise (Section 8 Company), founded with our vision to facilitate a MOVEMENT towards an EcoSocial and Sustainable development of our planet.

The pillars that form our foundation are :

a) Conserving our Environment

b) Enabling Sustainable Livelihoods

c) Building Conscious Rural and Urban Communities

We are founded in April 2020 and are the non-profit arm of two well established companies in this sector, namely reCharkha - The EcoSocial Tribe and ProEarth Ecosystems Private Limited.

Under ‘My EcoSocial Planet’ we undertake activities focused on Awareness Generation for schools, colleges, corporates and urban and rural residents. In addition, we also work on rural skill building programs, such as our upcycling and waste-to-craft project. In addition we look forward to take up more activities geared towards our EcoSocial Movement.

Our purview of Environment Conservation consists of Waste Management, Water Conservation, Wastewater Management, Renewable Energy Generation, Organic and Nutritional gardens/farming, Sustainable Livestock, Sustainable / Eco-friendly construction and many other aspects of SUSTAINABILITY. In addition to all this, Livelihoods is of utmost priority to all human beings, and hence, enabling Sustainable Livelihoods is what we are striving for. Thus, we believe that all the facets of Sustainability are interlinked, and providing a holistic approach always benefits the overall EcoSocial Development!