New Year Wishes for a Sustainable Future, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message of the Month - January 2022

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2022!

Before we even realize the year 2021 is gone already! The year with maximum expectations after an extremely unpredictable or rather life changing year 2020, 2021 came in with its own set of challenges and rewards.

More than anything else, 2021 shall be remembered for the biggest gift that it gave us in the form of vaccine to combat the disease that made our life scary for the whole of 2020. From the innumerable struggles to obtain slots to get a vaccine to finally being vaccinated, the year made us witness a wholesome ride of emotions starting from anxiety to relief.

As we are set to look forward to a spectacular 2022 with some whole new set of hope and expectations, we can only and only be thankful for having survived the pandemic and at the same time be grateful towards all the front end warriors who are on field slogging to ensure our safety. To sound practical and realistic, the new year shall have it's own set of challenges for us to overcome. It is for us to decide as to how we prepare ourselves in order to handle these issues as wisely and swiftly as we can. Introspecting, isn't life largely about having problems to deal with and finding solutions to sustain and survive through them? Aren't each of our small and big efforts to make our society better equivalent to this life saving vaccine!

We at reCharkha have come up with our vaccination long time back to save our environment and make life a little more better and colorful than what it was. Our mighty range of upcycled products made from plastic waste which are handwoven is not just aiming to cure our environment but is even aiming to spread an add-on benefit of creating employment for locals. Our upcycled products ranging from tote bags to laptop covers and from smart slings to backpacks along with some quirky home decor range is all set to help you take conscious steps towards a better life and an environment friendly year 2022 full of good health, hope and harmony!

What are you waiting for? Go check out our website and our multiple range of supreme quality products at affordable prices to promote a safe and sustainable 2022!

                                                                                                ---- Prajakta Agashe


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