To Our Mother Earth, by Prajakta Agashe!

The concept of love for most of us starts and ends with a universal emotion that is felt towards our Mother. We may address her differently depending on the language we speak; however the feelings are totally same across. People might claim that they know us since years together, however if there's someone who knows us even before our very existence, that is undoubtedly our Mother.

From giving birth to children to loving them unconditionally beyond all boundaries of affection is definitely not easy. As much as it is tough to give birth to a child, raising one must indeed be a task. More so, since the one for whom you take decisions, eventually decides everything for himself and even for you as a Mother, as "growing up" strikes in. What remains eternal along with Mother's love is the concern that is felt for the little one no matter how much they grow up- elder and wiser.

The feeling of being nurtured is indeed special and common across. The affection with which a parent takes care of the baby is equally felt when we see an animal being protected by its Mother from smallest of dangers. No matter how much effort it takes, a Mother is forever on a mission to provide her child the best. A feeling which is universal and common amongst every Mother is the fact that there is unconditional love and minimal expectations in general and everything seems worth as long as the happiness of their child is concerned.

As we totally owe to express gratitude towards our Mothers in our best way possible, we definitely need to do something for our MOTHER EARTH too which has sheltered us in a secured environment for all these years. Being the place where we all belong, some love and effort from our side is due in order to create a sustainable environment for our health and well being.

This Mother’s Day let's shower all our love towards our Mothers in every small and big way. Even better by doing our bit for the MOTHER EARTH which has sheltered us since forever. That too not by doing something extravagant and fancy since this Mother just like ours, doesn't really expect much. So why wait?! Let's shop something Sustainable, unique and quirky yet useful for our mother, that she will use and cherish for a long time.

We @reCharkha have multiple options of UPCYCLED HANDWOVEN products, right from bags to home décor, with unique price range and colors and multiple options in sizes too. We literally have all options that could possibly suit every Mother, only if her child decides to shop something with love from reCharkha.

This Mother’s Day let's choose being EcoSocial over being fancy, and make our Mothers a little proud and content.

                                                                          -By Prajakta Agashe

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