Earth - The "Home", by Prajakta Agashe!

Message for the month- June 2022

Home- the word symbolizes a journey of building an entire world out of scratch. From a tireless journey towards finding a house to making it our home is no less a roller coaster. Yet everything feels worth it when we actually experience the satisfaction that we derive out of the four walls that we call our home! They say, "it takes a lifetime to build a home and another one to maintain it." We still end up having Home, always in our wish list. It is certainly because we belong to this 'home'. The only place which ensures our safety, security and well-being more than anywhere else.

To connect the dots, the Environment where we live, has been a home for all of us since ages. It has sheltered and nurtured us and seen our growth ever since we were born. Ensuring that we feel the warmth and belongingness, it has always given us more than we even asked for, that too everyday! All our demands are fulfilled here and there's nothing more that can be even asked for now.

As we celebrated World Environment Day just a few days back, we pledge to be there for our Environment each day and every day from now. There are a few times where life gives us an opportunity to pay back to the giver through big and small ways. It's time we take that baby step now for the Environment, our very home! Let's make sure we leave it in a better shape for the generations to come!

We @reCharkha, aim towards creating a sustainable eco-system through various initiatives for promoting an environment friendly world! Through our campaigns we always endeavor to do our bit for our Environment. Needless to say, our classic range of UPCYCLED HANDWOVEN products is available for all of you to view and shop, at just one click!

As they say, every big change actually comprises of small steps that one takes towards making a difference. Let us all take this small step in order to make a huge difference, we owe this to our Environment!☺️

-By Prajakta Agashe

(Photo Credits: Sanskriti The School)

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