The Monsoon Fiasco, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message of the month- July

Here we are in July, all set to experience the season that leaves behind enormous memories of nature, lush greenery and getting drenched in the rains. Rains can instantly take us back to our school days where making a sketch that titled 'A rainy day(!)' was a mandated ritual.

Rainy day back then was indeed different. Everything seemed very pure and blissful. The drawing always comprised of children playing in the rains, wearing their brand new vibrant raincoats, enjoying the weather and having fun, that probably was missed thoroughly just like those golden days that shall never ever come back.

Rainy day today seems no different. We still see children enjoying the season, making the most of the beautiful weather and good times. What has changed is what we as adults can see that we never experienced as children. Water logging has indeed become more common now. Waste management and issues on those lines were never really thought of which today are impacting our lives manifold. Clearly, the waste that was generated then and now seem incomparable. The need for doing something towards a 'waste free' or rather 'waste managed' environment is felt.

If you're one of those who really would want to do their bit towards a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, we @reCharkha are here to help you! We all know that plastic is one of the key components of waste that is generated today and we have with us our up-cycled vibrant and varied range of products made out of plastic waste itself. Visit our website and store to get acquainted with all our supreme quality products with multiple colour choices and suitable for all your needs to create your own fashion statement this monsoon!

If you wish that the coming generations deserve to enjoy rains as much as we did, their pictures be full of enjoyment as were ours, it is time to contribute your bit towards an initiative like ours. We @reCharkha - The EcoSocial Tribe are all set to help you take small steps towards making a big difference. This monsoon, just like many other things, let us pledge towards being responsible for our environment and save every bit of it for a rainy day!

-By Prajakta Agashe

(Photo Credits: Reddit)

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