Valentine - Love & Planet, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message for the month - Feb 2022

We have already started with a promising year 2022, full of good hope and positivity!

As we enter into a fresh new month in no time, 'Love' is what awaits us!☺️ No marks for guessing, Valentine's day is around the corner and so is the annual celebration of Love! We shall soon see the streets flooded with red roses, greeting cards, goodies and what not, all set for this celebration!

A universal emotion and yet the one that differs from person to person, Love is rather a complex feeling to explain and decode. Expression of love is absolutely subjective and cannot be fitted into a proper definition. While love is an emotion felt towards every person who is special, it generally revolves mainly around a companion - the special one! While each one of us shall have a unique story about finding Love, there's one thing common about it. The fact that Love is meant to be forever. It does not have an expiry date! It shall last till eternity and for generations together!

Strangely, there's something very similar about Love and plastic. The fact they exist forever! While the longevity of Love is rather desirable, plastic with its enormous life acts detrimental. While love brings us memories that can be cherished for months and years together, plastic creates never ending waste. Love creates a strong impact such that it cannot be forgotten, plastic on the other hand leaves a mark on the environment every passing second which shall be remembered for the harm it causes.

So, this Valentine's, why not look at Love a little differently? Lets make a promise to ourselves that we will love our loved one until eternity, and we would also stop creating new plastic waste (and upcycling that which exists), so that it does NOT stay with us until eternity! Just like, our Love to our loved one 'should be' and just like how plastic waste on this planet 'shouldn’t be'!

After this special proposal, to help upcycle the plastic that exists, you could get some unique gifts as well! We, at reCharkha - The EcoSocial Tribe, have some colourful (not just RED) and a vibrant range of products, which would make your loved ones fall in love with you, yet again! From multiple variety of products for personal use to some quirky options for home decor, we have everything that shall make your live simple and sustainable!

What is Love after all? Isn't it all about being there for each other and making the world a better place to live! This Valentine's let us show some love towards our Environment too, which we are a tiny part of! Because after all, forever love needs to bloom in an EcoSocial Planet.. Lets make the planet EcoSocial with reCharkha!

                                                                                                ---- Prajakta Agashe

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