Climate Change, by Prajakta Agashe!

Message for the month- September

The months of festivities have begun and it is almost after two years that we embrace ourselves into these celebrations, just like we used to, before the pandemic hit us. Family gatherings, annual catch-up with our near and dear ones which was extremely missed in the two years of lockdown has found its way out this year. It feels so good to be back to normalcy.

This is usually the time when monsoons recede and we are almost prepared to face the October heat hoping that it shall be followed by a blissful winter. However, unlike the festivities which never miss their sequence, the weather seems to have completely forgotten its usual pattern this year. The monsoons don't seem to end, the force only seems to get stronger and scarier every passing day. What is it then, that has led to this change? Would this continue every year where we shall be clueless as to which season to expect? Will this become worse each year?

We all know the answer to these questions and unfortunately there seems to be very little that we can control. However this little isn't insignificant for sure. For, it is every little step that actually has the ability to drive miles and miles together to reach a common goal. If you are one of those who cares about climate change, if you are one of those who would want to make things better for the future generations, if you are one of those who would want to do something towards building a sustainable environment, we are here for you.

Built with a dream to create and support a sustainable environment, reCharkha, through its initiative to upcycle waste plastic has been taking some significant steps towards good. Though we cannot really do a lot about climate change at an individual level per se, every step towards sustainability by every individual counts.

reCharkha brings to you, sturdy and user-friendly Accessories and Homedecor made from upcycled plastic, that gives a whole new vibe and amazing options for gifting to your near and dear ones. Do visit our website to check out our varied range of products which are not just eco-friendly, but fashionable as well!

PS- reCharkha has a good news for its Mumbaikar customers this month. We have a whole new store for you guys to visit us and shop! Here's the address

reCharkha-The EcoSocial Tribe
Pandurang Vilas
Office No 1, Ground Floor
Plot No 367, Link Road
Khar West, Mumbai - 400052

Ph no +91 78210 66783
All you MUMBAIKARS, pls don't wait for the monsoons to end to plan your visit. Do spread the word and each one do come!

This festive season, let us promise to be there for each other and together do our bit towards building a sustainable environment such that shall help us cope with climate change and such other issues in the years to come!☺️

                                                                     -By Prajakta Agashe 

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