Celebrate Diwali with reCharkha, by Prajakta Agashe

Message for the month - October

The most awaited event of the year is just around the corner. The festive season that was missed for the last two years is all set to unfold it's most precious gem- the festival of lights Diwali!

Diwali has undoubtedly been an extremely special festival since childhood. The festival that marked an end to the never ending semester exams with a bumper gift of a mini vacation, had to be cherished and looked forward to anyway. Besides, this was the season where we shopped for the entire family, ate every delicacy that was made with joy and had an annual meet up with our family and friends! Few things like a bunch of festive attires, freshly made sweets and namkeen, boxes of fire crackers, corridors lightened up with diyas and lanterns, and last but not the least gifts and goodies exchanged with love take us instantly back to the good old times!

As we say, a lot changes while a lot actually doesn't! The celebration of lights, still in some respects feels exactly the same. The corridors are set to be lit just like every year, our kitchens are ready to welcome the aroma of our most favourite delicacies, fashion industry is at an all time high giving us plenty of options to shop, and gifts are being customised for us to share our love and care with our near and dear ones!

Amongst the things that have changed, one of them is that we are now more of an aware bunch that cares about the environment and its various components. Fire crackers are still being sold but with a cautious mindset preferring those ones which cause less noise and pollution. A lot of people are spreading a word to show some love towards the animals that get affected badly by the sound of these crackers. A lot of sustainable options for lanterns, gifts isare being explored in such a way that our celebration doesn't cause any harm to our environment.

reCharkha, like always, is all set to help you with all such multiple creative and sustainable options which will make your gift unique and valuable. Not just that, our wide range of gifting products can be customized into wholesome hampers as per your requirements and budget. Do check out our wide collection, right from Bags and Totes to Home and Table decor. These will definitely light up your home even more, and make for perfect gifting ideas as well.

To add to your experience, our stores are all set to have you visit us along with your group of cousins, friends and family. Our flagship Pune store, and the brand new Mumbai store, both are now open and eager to welcome you all and give you a whole new shopping experience. You can check out some new products exclusively available here, even before they get officially launched on the website. So what are you waiting for? The address of the Mumbai store is on our website. Do spread the word and visit us soon!

This Diwali, let's pledge to be more wise, aware and responsible in our choices. Let each of our small effort towards sustainable living enlighten our lives and of a few more this festive season!

                                                                                          - by Prajatka Agashe

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