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Memory Game 

A Classic addition to reCharkha's EcoSocial products, MEMORY GAME is a perfect time out for kids from studying. An AGE NO BAR game, perfect for parents, grandparents to spend quality time with their kids.

Each game consists of 20 pairs of handpainted motifs inspired by Folk arts of India viz Warli, Madhubani, Rajput, Kalamkari and Gond, printed digitally on the muslin fabric. The other side of the card is made out of reCharkha's UPCYCLED HANDWOVEN fabric. 

Memory game can boost a kid's capacity of concentrating, focussing and memorising in a relaxed way. Evenmore, isn't it cool to learn about the ancient artforms of India in a sustainable way. 

More colors in this Collection will be back in stock soon!

Thanks for your patience!

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