Being Sustainable

Every individual on this planet wants to survive and persist in the best possible way. For a better living, we all adopt some standards and habits from childhood as per our backgrounds. Some standards like using sanitizer are good but can be affordable by some set of people whereas poor people cannot. So as per financial background and culture, our standard of living can be defined. We often get busy with the trendy habits which are materialistic which describes the above example of sanitizer. But we often ignore to take care of natural assets which we are utilizing and consuming daily. We need to be aware and take care of our planet and the environment.

Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements are unique and precious. Let’s have gratitude towards our earth which definitely doesn’t need the money and any standards. It can be easy to sustain if we develop some eco-friendly habits in our daily life. Let’s take some examples of what sustainability means……..

Say no to Plastic

Resources are limited and therefore, their overutilization is leading to their extinction. The waste generated is also exceeding the absorptive capacity of the environment. Rivers and other waterways are getting increasingly polluted due to the excessive dumping of wastes into them. This waste includes plastic sources which are very hazardous. Let’s focus individually on this problem for a minute. If we really adopt to use paper bags or eco-friendly ways then we all together can avoid this situation. We can avoid using plastic bags for each and every daily need which we do unknowingly. There are many eco-friendly organizations in every city nowadays where we can do the submission of waste material like plastic and in turn, they convert this into useful materials. This is best-explained example for sustainability.

Save Water

Again as a responsible human being, we should respect to save water. Water is such a scarce resource and with more and more news of areas fighting with water shortages and droughts, saving water and using it more efficiently has become an absolute necessity. Even if your home has an abundant supply of water, saving water and reducing wastage becomes a common responsibility towards our future generations. Reducing your water usage will also reduce electricity usage directly or indirectly.

Avoid Air Pollution

Air pollution has a major impact on the environment, climate change or global warming and on human health.

We all can, of course, avoid air pollution. Traffic congestion on inadequate road infrastructure is a daily reality of India's urban centres. Increased traffic leads to carbon consumption in the air which leads to heavy pollution. It can be prevented by avoiding trips of vehicles by accommodating only one individual. We can start syndicates which can prevent traffic congestion. We can shift to electric vehicles and promote shared mobility.


From a poor person To a rich person,

From a salaried To a business person,

From a child To an old person,


We all firstly belong to Earth and get a ray of sun.

We all ownour mother earth as her daughter and son.

We all need to take initiatives to avoid pollution……

Let’s all be responsible by BEING SUSTAINABLE…!!!

-By Aparna Burghatey

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