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Re-Craft Re-Love Collection

ReFurbish | ReUse | RePair | Re-Store | HandWoven | Upcycled Plastic Fabric | Stylish & Unique Designs | Enables Rural Livelihoods | Enables Women Empowerment

Under the #BeatPlasticPollution campaign, the theme of World Environment Day 2023 is Ecosystem Restoration. We, from reCharkha EcoSocial Team, always promote ReDuce, ReFuse, ReUse, RePair, UpCycle

Today we present to you all... a Collection which is carefully Re-Crafted, Re-Stored and Re-Loved!

Sometimes, our Ucycled-Handwoven products have minor manufacturing defects. But instead of discarding those, our artisans have carefully fixed the minor defects. And now the product is reFurbished and is As Good As New!

Here is a quick video from our Founder, Amita explaining the concept. Support our work by shopping with us and encourage this ReStoration Concept ! 

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