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Love is Love

Justice, Liberty, Equality & Fraternity are the principles upon which our great nation was established. We Indians in our Constitution have solemnly resolved to assure & protect the dignity of every individual regardless of race, religion, caste or gender.

We, at reCharkha strongly believe in these principles and in setting the right example for our staff, artisans and for our consciousness customers. We conducted an awareness session at our Pune office to sensitize our employees to this topic and to treat these people with equality and compassion.
The "Pride month" is observed to remind us, to uphold the very principles of equality & fraternity which we all have sworn to provide to each other.

Let us all in solidarity tell our fellow citizens that we accept you, value you and are proud of your contributions towards the progress of our great nation INDIA.

-With Love Team reCharkha The EcoSocial Tribe

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